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Posted on 2019-05-07 13:48:55 by thiccversebeyond

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Too young to be sexy

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God dammit i can't fucking escape this piece of shit character even when i'm literally out of the fucking fandom that spawned it

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While the guy above me is being harsh (understatement, I know), he does bring up a good point:

Are you guys just gonna recycle the Sin Kids (like Loan, Lupa, Lacy, Lemy, etc..) for ThiccVerse Beyond? Or is it just Liena and Lyle? Cause either way, that's pretty disappointing. Why not come up with some new lovechildren for Lincoln and his sisters?

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@Clamanath New characters are being made, but some also want to revamp the pre-existing sin kids if they want to. THICC-Verse Beyond is completely free range rn

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Oh, thanks for the clarification.

Is just that I personally think that the Sin Kids are really overrated. Need I remind you that artwork featuring them (and ONLY them) became so overwhelming over at The Loud Booru that its mods declared that only artwork that also featured Lincoln and/or sisters alongside the Sin Kids would be permited, forcing the Sin Kids fandom to create their own booru.

I think my problem with them is that most of them are way too one-note (Like how "Loan is a wreck", "Lemy is a loser", "Lupa is an edgy bitch", "Lyle is feminine" "Lyra is a christian zealot", "Lulu is a mutant", etc...). I just hope the ones that are getting revamped have more to their character than those one traits.

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while it is true "Lyle is feminine"
this version is more then that.
This Lyle has big dick energy! meaning he is a always on chick magnet. be it a blessing or a curse is yet to be decided.